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You can now Download Lazy Dungeon Master all Volumes in EPUB format

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Even a Hero is my enemy if they get in the way of my sleep!

I, Keima Masuda, am a Dungeon Master in a fantasy world focusing all my efforts on avoiding as much work as possible. And finally, those efforts are being rewarded. The inn I built by the dungeon is super popular and super busy (Thanks for taking care of all that, Niku!). Heheh. Won’t be long before I don’t have to work at all…! Sure, a Hero’s finally came to visit my dungeon, but… what?! He fell in love with Rokuko?!
“Oh no, Keima! H-H-He proposed to me!”
…Yeah, this guy’s a pain in the butt. Let’s get him out of here!

This is the third volume of my own dungeon story, where I work as hard as I can to one day not have to work at all!
Hero or not, I’ll take down anyone who interferes with my sleep!

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