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YOU CAN NOW DOWNLOAD MASTER OF RAGNAROK VOLUME 4(Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria 4) PDF

Cheat versus cheat!! A showdown between Yuuto and his sworn brother!

As Yuuto continues to introduce reforms for the sake of the Wolf Clan’s future, he finally begins in earnest his search for a way back to Mitsuki in the modern era.

When he visits a hot springs for a bit of rest and relaxation, Jörgen launches “Operation: Make Him Stay With a Honey Trap!” Yuuto is momentarily shaken, but maintains his firm resolve.

But then the nomadic Panther Clan chooses that time to invade his clan’s sister nation, the Horn Clan. And leading the Panther Clan is the man who fled the Wolf Clan one year earlier: Yuuto’s sworn older brother, Loptr!

Will the conflicted Yuuto be able to raise an army against his family?!

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