[EPUB][PDF] Rising from Ashes: My Dear Emperor, You’re Putty in My Hands! Light Novel

You can now Download Rising from Ashes: My Dear Emperor, You’re Putty in My Hands! Light Novel in epub and pdf format




The Villainess Priestess & The Foolish Emperor Rewrite Their Story!

The Wagtail Priestess, Sai, has memories of a previous life, including knowledge about her ill-fated role to be condemned as the “Evil Priestess” in this life. Yet her efforts to resist her cruel destiny as an NPC in an otome game end in vain. Her fiancé is blinded by his love for the Saint, and so is the Order of Holy Knights he commands. Her execution is nigh—until the charming, winged emperor of the neighboring Orient Empire, Haruka, rescues her from the ashes of her former home.

Moved by Haruka’s faith in her, Sai swears to dedicate her life to him and accepts his offer to move to his country, where she takes up residence in an uninhabited, derelict property inside the Imperial Palace: the former inner palace. Armed with her powerful magic, extensive knowledge, and memories from her past life, she happily lines up one achievement after another. Exorcism? Product development? Sacred rituals? Leave it to her! She lives a content life, but there’s just one thing…

“Your Majesty, I think people will misunderstand if you order me to attend you every night. I am merely melting you into a breathless mess with my recovery magic, nothing more!”

So begins the tale of a lonely and earnest priestess who creates miracles in her vast, new world, and a beautiful emperor who chuckles in her wake, doting on her every step of the way.


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