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Old through two perspectives, this is a tale about a world about to end and a dazzling time of youth.

Kusaoka Haruma, a student from a low-end high school, and the angelic underclassman Chigusa Yu. Two people who should not be in the same year level end up meeting as a result of a fateful incident. Abnormal weather, abnormal phenomena, abnormal actions. An ordinary life that falls off the rails little by little, and a bizarre urban legend.
According to “The Random Crossroad”—at midnight, if you come to the end of the T-juncture and choose the wrong path, you can never come back.
As they chase after a girl whose whereabouts are unknown as a result of these events, could what they find exceed Haruma and Yu’s wildest expectations…?!

Associated Names –
Qualidea of Scum And a Gold Coin

Genre –
Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Romance, School Life.



  1. VOLUME 01 —————– 


  1. VOLUME 01 —————– 

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