[MANGA][CBZ] All You Want, Whenever You Want

You can now Download All You Want, Whenever You Want manga in .cbz format.

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On the surface, handsome Sales Manager Tsubaki is all smiles and professional grace — but underneath, he’s a workaholic who bears the brunt of a tyrannical boss and throws himself into work to avoid heartache. When his first encounter with the newest transfer to his division, Makino, results in a clash of personalities, Tsubaki assumes that they might be too different to get along… But the forthright and fearless Makino turns out to be just Tsubaki’s type, and attraction sparks between them when they end up as next-door neighbors at the company dormitory!

Tsubaki is determined to listen to his head over his heart and keep clear lines drawn between them, but there’s no helping it; Makino’s affections win him over despite his best efforts. Even though it might be a bad idea to mix business with pleasure, an impulsive hook-up turns into something more!

  1. VOLUME 01


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