[MANGA][CBZ] Beastrings

You can now Download Beastrings manga in .cbz format.

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WELCOME TO JUSO CITY! Once upon a time, there was a city in grave peril…until a great hero saved the day. Now, Juso City’s protector has become its mayor, and alongside his two secretaries, he’s hard at work making his town a place anyone would want to live! Elsewhere, a young elf and her wolfman butler act out a real-life romcom, and a dragonian wrestler teams up with a bard to form an unlikely musical duo. Beings of all stripes and scales live in harmony in Juso City, lending surprise and adventure to everyday life. But when another disaster threatens to strike, will these citizens become part of an all-new legend?

  1. VOLUME 01

PASSWORD: zeR00books

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