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Dear Users, This platform is still young and growing and we apologize if you can’t find your favorite books.

Before requesting any book please make sure it doesn’t exist already in this website.

Search our website properly in the below order:-

  1. Search Book Title in right sidebar Search box with correct spellings.

If you are still unable to find a book provide us with the Book title and Author name both. Because there are many books with the same title but different authors.

Please Note:

  1. Request one book at a time. We’ll now ignore all requests containing multiple titles. So that we can attend to all user’s request, Once you are done reading the first book then you can request the second book.
  2. Requested book will be published on its request order according to inbox. we are get a very high volume of requests per day. So please be patient. We cannot commit any time line for request processing. It all depends on the volume of requests. We are a very small team.
  3. Almost 90% of requested books are posted successfully in few days. So still if your book is still to be posted it means either it is not published yet or its EPUB & PDF is not yet available in readable version.
  4. Please don’t request books which are not out yet. Always check date of publication.

We will read each and every Requests carefully. Please be patient if it is delayed.


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